Timber is a natural material and will be subject to movement and weathering as it seasons. It is not uncommon for small splits and shakes to occur in the timber when drying, or warping when timber is allowed to dry too rapidly. These would normally go back when humidity rises. This is nature at work and should not be considered a fault. When timber gets wet it expands & when it gets dry it will shrink, but not always back to the original size. This is not a fault of the timber, it is nature at work. This is why you need to use a quality preservative to protect this process. Pressure treated timber will weather to a silvery grey colour eventually unless treated. Our buildings are treated with a base coat of oil based stain and will require further staining within 3 to 4 weeks after delivery. We recommend treatment with a suitable preservative too enhance and help protect the product. We reserve the right to alter the materials specified, as we strive to give a better product and may, be able to supply superior timbers etc.